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Conditions of sale


Booking implies the payment of a deposit by the customer of an amount equal to 25% of the price of the trip, followed by the remainder of the balance 30 days before departure. For bookings within one month of departure, the fare must be paid in full.


The customer will receive a confirmation of the price of the trip by his travel agent at the time of booking. Our prices are in euros and are established based on the exchange rates and the rates applicable on the date of publication of the price list. We reserve the right to modify our prices in case of cost fluctuations.


The travel agency will inform the customer of any requirements for the trip. It is the responsibility of the customer however to meet said requirements. No refunds will be given if the client does not appear at the place and time mentioned on the ticket or if he/she is unable to present the necessary police or health records required for the trip. REQUIREMENTS FOR MINORS: We advise parents to travel with a family record book where available (livret de famille in French). When the minor is accompanied by a third person, he/she must be in possession of a written authorization to leave French territory.


The tour operator is liable for the correct execution of the trip but cannot be held responsible for acts of God, force majeure or events caused by third parties. It is not possible for the passenger to change his/her package without the prior consent of the tour operator. The cost of any unauthorized changes are at the expense of the passenger and any changes to tickets give no entitlement to refund on possible services included with the original ticket. The customer may not claim compensation if the package is cancelled due to circumstances of force majeure or reasons of passenger safety. WARNING! In the case of difficulties or events beyond our control resulting in a modification to our services, a letter of complaint will not be considered if, on site, the customer has not respected the following two procedures:
- informed our correspondent or representative of said difficulties
- asked the person or appropriate service (rental property owner or hotel) for a certificate of the difficulties encountered.
Furthermore, we are not to be confused with the suppliers who provide these services in accordance with their own terms and conditions and the obligations specific to their activity. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for the failures of our service providers, if they are forced to cancel or modify a package or stay for technical reasons.

5. Amendments or cancellations by the passenger

Any changes or cancellations by the passenger will incur the following costs:

  • Over 30 days prior to departure: 20 euros per person
  • Between 30 and 21 days prior to departure: 50 euros per person
  • Between 20 and 8 days prior to departure: 100 euros per person
  • Less than 7 days prior to departure: see the scale of cancellation charges


Prior to departure: Customers have the option of either a) cancelling their contract and receiving a full and immediate refund on all amounts paid with no claim to damages, or b) accepting the replacement trip offered by the tour operator.


The customer must organize this directly with the hotel, pay for the accommodation on site and contact the company in order to postpone his/her departure date. The producer therefore cannot be held liable.


On the part of the customer: once the deposit has been paid, the reservation is binding and final. In case of cancellation, damages are due. The following fees are due per person:

  • Over 30 days prior to departure: 50 euros per person
  • Between 30 and 21 days prior to departure: 25% of the cost of the trip
  • Between 20 and 8 days prior to departure: 50% of the cost of the trip
  • Between 7 and 2 days prior to departure: 75% of the cost of the trip
  • Less than 2 days prior to departure: 100% of the cost of the trip
Failure to show on the day of departure results in damages equal to 100% of the cost of the overall trip. Any interruption to the holiday and / or waiver of certain paid services cannot give rise to a claim or refund request, except in a case of force majeure, duly justified.
On the part of the producer: If the customer does not wish to benefit from the alternative offer made to him/her, he/she will obtain the reimbursement of all costs paid, without any deductions.


The responsibility of the shipping company involved in the packages presented in this brochure as well as the representatives, agents or employees thereof is limited, in the case of damages, complaints or claims of any nature to the transportation of passengers and their baggage only, as mentioned above in its terms and conditions of carriage. The timetables published in the brochure are for information purposes only and are subject to last minute changes. Subsequently, no refund will be issued if the start of the trip is delayed or the return trip put forward (or vice versa).


Any claim relating to a trip or stay must be sent by registered letter with return receipt to the travel agent who sold the trip or stay within 15 days following the return date.


11. For your safety, we advise you to take out the appropriate insurance for your trip or stay, including cover for cancellation, medical assistance and loss of, or damage to luggage, etc.

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