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Your health and well-being are our priorities. Throughout the trip, our personnel are on hand to ensure you have a relaxing and pleasant journey, both on land and at sea.


Travel in comfort

To ensure your trip is a comfortable and pleasant one:

  • preferably wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • avoid belts and tight shoes because your feet can swell during the trip
  • avoid sitting for long periods; get up every hour to walk and do small exercises to boost your circulation
  • drink water at regular intervals and avoid alcoholic beverages
  • moisturize your skin and lips with moisturizer
  • make sure your children stay hydrated by offering them water at regular intervals

Prevent seasickness

The constant motion of a ship disrupts our sense of balance and equilibrium (the vestibular system located in the inner ear) resulting in discomfort and nausea.
Here are some tips to prevent seasickness.
3 ways to prevent motion sickness

  • Eat. Contrary to popular belief, it is best to start your journey with a full stomach, while avoiding excess. However, it’s best to avoid eating just before departure!
  • Stay focused on the horizon and sit facing the direction of travel. To help your brain to better process the sensation of movement, we recommend you avoid activities like reading and instead focus on the landscape and the horizon.
  • Medication. Some passengers can get very seasick. In this case, there are plenty of antihistamines on the market to ensure a more pleasant journey. There are also lots of homeopathic medicines available, such as Cocculine and Nausicalm. Some of these medicines may be found in patch form. These are placed behind the ear a few hours before the start of the journey.

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