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Before your departure, be sure to verify the check in to enter and stay in your destination or correspondance country with the embassy or consulate.


General information

Prior to your departure, we recommend you check the entry and travel requirements for your destination country and stopover destination.
You must be in possession of the required documentation:

  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Visa...

Note: It is your responsibility to check the expiry date of the required documentation and to renew them if necessary (while allowing enough time to receive them). Otherwise, you are responsible for paying any costs or fines imposed on the company by the authorities.
Please note that some countries require that transport companies provide them with partial, if not full information about their passengers prior to travelling.

French minors

  • All minors must be in possession of a valid form of ID (*) (**): passport or national identity card, depending on the destination.
  • On international routes that don’t require a passport *, a written authorization to leave the territory is also required if the person travelling with the minor is neither the child’s father nor mother, nor the legal guardian of the child.

Unaccompanied Minors:

Children under 18 travelling abroad * alone must submit an authorization to leave the territory issued by the town hall of their town of residence, in addition to their national identity card. This exit permit is not required if travelling with a passport in their own name.

Travelling with your car between Guadeloupe and Martinique

Required documents:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance certificate
  • Valid vehicle inspection sticker for cars over 5 years
  • Driving license of the driver
  • Identity card or passport
If the vehicle does not belong to the owner, a written authorization on behalf of the owner is required.

Special requirements for Dominica and Saint Lucia

APIS - Conformément aux procédures actuellement en vigueur vous devez vous renseigner sur le fichier APIS avant le départ. In the case of non-compliance with this procedure, you may be denied boarding.
API JRCC guidelines require airlines and shipping lines to transmit advance information on passengers and crew upon arrival at, or departure from any of the member state countries.

What is APIS? Advanced Passenger Information (API) refers to data submitted to the Joint Regional Communications Centre (JRCC) prior to the arrival or departure of the ship at each point of entry of the participating member states. It contains a complete list of all persons on board (crew and passengers), including their basic biographical data, as well as information concerning the ship.

Current legislation stipulates the mandatory submission of information concerning the passengers on all air and sea carriers prior to arriving at and departing from each member state.
The JRCC has been designated by all participating states as the agent / representative of. Collection / API aggregation and filtering for all air and sea carriers arriving at and departing from each Member State

The participating member states:

1. Antigua and Barbuda
2. Barbados
3. Dominica
4. Granada
5. Guyana
6. Jamaica
7. Saint Kitts and Nevis
8. Saint Lucia
9. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
10. Trinidad and Tobago

All you need to know before you go!

Vaccinations, entry requirements, useful phone numbers, safety, etc.

You can find more detailed information on the site of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

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For the full list of prohibited items per territory, contact the consular departments or tourist office of the country of destination.

NB: the import and export of counterfeit goods is a customs offense.

The buyer:

  • risks fines of up to &euros;300,000 and up to 3 years in prison
  • may compromise his/her health (counterfeit spirits, perfumes and cosmetics)
  • infringes French industrial heritage and craftsmanship, and finances criminal networks.

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In Dominica

The island of Dominica is under the responsibility of the French Embassy of Saint Lucia, situated in Castries:
T. + (1) (758) 455 60 60
Mobile number (for emergencies only): + (1) (758) 484 31 67
Website :
The French Consulate of Dominica is situated in Roseau: T. + (1) (767) 448 45 57 - 449 75 68
Local police hotline: + (1) (767) 448 22 22
Emergency Services Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau: + (1) (767) 448 22 31
Emergency Services Grandbay Hospital: + (1) (767) 446 37 06
Emergency Services Marigot Hospital: + (1) (767) 445 70 91
Emergency Services Portsmouth Hospital: + (1) (767) 445 52 37
First rescue service: + (1) (767) 448 28 90 or + (1) (767) 448 88 90.

In Saint Lucia

French Embassy of Saint Lucia, situated in Castries:
Numéro de téléphone cellulaire de l'agent de permanence (en cas d'urgence) : T + (1) (758) 455 60 60
Website :
Local police hotline: 999 and 452 81 55 (Rodney Bay)
Emergency services Saint Jude Hospital in Vieux Fort: + (1) (758) 454 60 41
Emergency services Tapion Hospital in Castries: + (1) (758) 459 20 00 (private hospital)
Emergency services Victoria Hospital in Castries: + (1) (758) 452 24 21
First rescue service: + (1) (758) 452 23 74 or + (1) (758) 452 23 73
In case of need of evacuation to Martinique: St Lucia Helicopters Ltd: + (1) (758) 453 69 50 or + (1) (758) 450 54 04 or + (1) (758) 458 13 90.

French Embassy: Dominica and Saint Lucia

Ambassador: Mr Michel Prom
Address: Nelson Mandela Drive - Vigie - Castries - Saint Lucia (WI)
Postal address: GPO Private Box 937 - Castries - Saint Lucia (WI)
Tel: + (1) (758) 455 60 60
Fax: + (1) (758) 455 60 56 (chancellery) / 455 60 86 (consular department)
Website :
Email :

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